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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Be gay do crime
  2. Consent is key
  3. Tag nsfw content
  4. Add content warnings to sensitive toots
  5. No racism or discrimination against minorities
  6. LGBTQIA+ rights are protected
  7. No harassing, no stalking


Masterdom is administered and moderated by: Don't hesitate to say hi, or ask any questions.

If you see content that violates our rules, please use the report feature, or notify an administrator.

Most importantly, have fun and be nice to each other! Our main priority is to protect our users from the darker part of the fediverse. Thus, we employ instance-wide pre-emptive blocking and muting of users and instances that are in conflict with the rules defined below.


TL;DR All opinions are welcome, but hate speech, illegal content and advertisement are prohibited. Users who don't respect rules will be silenced or suspended, depending on the violation severity. This is in effect for both local and remote users and instances. We block instances that severely and/or constantly break our rules or cause inconveniences for our users.

No illegal stuff, advertisements, harassment, discrimination, xenophobia, transphobia etc. Please don't post anything like that here.

Anything illegal in The Netherlands shall not be posted on this server.

Be kind and respectful to other users. Please treat other Fediverse users with respect, so that this will be a positive place for everyone.

Content warning (CW)

Content warnings (CWs) are required if you are posting potentially sensitive content. Examples include, but are not limited to, content that is erotic, pornographic, gory, etc. This applies to text, pictures (both photographed or artistic depictions), and videos. If you would not open that picture/video in front of your boss/spouse/kids, use the CW feature. That way individual users will see the CW, and decide for themselves if they want to click and view the content you have shared.

Bio and avatar

Your avatar is an image that represents you and appears next to messages (toots) that you send. You are welcome to upload a custom avatar image. But please, make sure your avatar image is a safe-for-work one. It should be an image that people will feel comfortable having on their computer screens whilst children are looking over their shoulders. So no erotic, pornographic, or gory avatars, please. Such is also applicable to banners.

Malicious information

Spreading of malicious or misleading information (such as, but not limited to, anti-science, pseudoscience, fake news, hate brigading) are bannable offences. This also includes the encouragement and normalising of said information. Such content can, for example, include anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, alternative medicine (like chiropractic) and climate change denial. Users exhibiting such behaviour from other instances may also be banned.

Extreme content

Posting extreme political content, such as Nazism, authoritarianism, "tankieism", and extreme nationalism is a bannable. An exception to this are news stories and meta around these topics.

We do not tolerate incitement of violence, regardless of the situation. Celebration of violence is discouraged both ante-mortem and post-mortem, eg. celebrating someone's death. Use your judgement and use appropriate content warnings! We also realise that there is a difference between punching up vs. down, and that violence is sometimes unavoidable, such as protests and fighting back against coup d'etats. Like with all things, it's a grey area, so use your judgement and content warning tags if appropriate.


Discrimination or the promotion of such towards groups based on, but not limited to:
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Gender or sexual identities
  • Social or economic status
  • Consensual body modifications
  • Caste or hierarchical position
This includes both clear and masked language, as well as links to websites containing such languages or images. We also do not tolerate any content intended to stalk or harass other users or incite other users to do so. Such behaviour is subject to punishments up to and including temporary or permanent ban from the service.


Anything that can be regarded as advertising is discouraged and will, with repeated offences, result in a ban. This includes giveaways and call-to-action posts (that are of a for-profit nature), affiliate marketing and so forth. Commissions related to the arts, charitable causes (that are demonstrably not for-profit) and personal donation requests are exempt to this ruling at the discretion of the moderators. Services of a sexual nature (both virtual and physical) are not allowed. Other instances are more suited for this.

Automated services (bots)

We do not allow any bots or automated services. You can have a look at sites like botsin.space for that kind of stuff.

Breach of privacy

Any credible indication that an individual has either encouraged or contributed to a non-consensual breach of privacy will result in a ban. These offences include, but are not limited to, "doxxing", sharing of private information that were never intended to reach any other person than the recipient itself (unless the sharing was never consensual, for example in the case of an unsolicited explicit image), and the act of consolidating large amounts of information for which the purpose goes against the best interest of said person that owns the data. We point to the GDPR for general guidelines on what can be considered private information.

We take breach of privacy very seriously and any attempt at violating our users rights will result in, if actionable, us reporting the incident to whichever governmental body that is in charge of privacy matters in the offending user's country of residence.

Any user found to be attempting to breach the privacy of any user on any other instance are also subject to the same moderation policies mentioned above. If the instance administrators where the offending user are located are found to not take action against said offending account, we will defederate from said instance as such damaging behaviour is unacceptable. If, and only if, the administrators remove the offending user, we will consider refederating.

An exception to these rules is to warn other users of malicious actors such as, but not limited to, nazis, transphobes, racists, abelists, landlords and abusers. How these rules will be applied is based on context and up to the moderators handling the issue.

Humour and hyperbole

Posts that may unequivocally be regarded as either attempt at humour, hyperbole and satire are held to a different standard. Similarly, criticising actual trends within a certain demographic and blanket statements are also held to a different standard.

Consider the following examples:
  • Men are rapists. | Hyperbole
  • Scandinavians are awkward | Blanket statement
  • Americans are school shooters. | Criticising actual trend
  • Women without make-up cannot be women, can they? | Poor attempt at satire

We acknowledge that the lines between ia. humour and speech that is detrimental to the social environment are rather grey, however, we will try our best to enforce these rules consistently and appropriately.

Breach of rules

We will act on our users' reports, but bans on an instance-wide level will only be issued if it is evident that our users will need more protection than what per-user tools give. Thus, we suggest that you first block the persons you don't want to see. If that situation degenerates, contact us and we'll deal with it. Moderation is the last resort action, as you, the user have the power to block/silence anyone or any instance you want.

We copied our homework from toot.site and toot.party. Thank you ❤️.